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Wonders in the Sky


Unexplained Aerial Objects From Antiquity to Modern Times

One of the most ambitious works of paranormal investigation of our time, here is an unprecedented compendium of pre-twentieth-century UFO accounts, written with rigor and color by two of today’s leading investigators of unexplained phenomena.

In the past century, individuals, newspapers, and military agencies have recorded thousands of UFO incidents, giving rise to much speculation about flying saucers, visitors from other planets, and alien abductions. Yet the extraterrestrial phenomenon did not begin in the present era. Far from it. The authors of Wonders in the Sky reveal a thread of vividly rendered-and sometimes strikingly similar- reports of mysterious aerial phenomena from antiquity through the modern age. These accounts often share definite physical features- such as the heat felt and described by witnesses-that have not changed much over the centuries. Indeed, such similarities between ancient and modern sightings are the rule rather than the exception.

In Wonders in the Sky, respected researchers Jacques Vallée and Chris Aubeck examine more than 500 selected reports of sightings from biblical-age antiquity through the year 1879-the point at which the Industrial Revolution deeply changed the nature of human society, and the skies began to open to airplanes, dirigibles, rockets, and other opportunities for misinterpretation represented by military prototypes. Using vivid and engaging case studies, and more than seventy-five illustrations, they reveal that unidentified flying objects have had a major impact not only on popular culture but on our history, on our religion, and on the models of the world humanity has formed from deepest antiquity.

Sure to become a classic among UFO enthusiasts and other followers of unexplained phenomena, Wonders in the Sky is the most ambitious, broad-reaching, and intelligent analysis ever written on premodern aerial mysteries.

Forbidden Science 1


A Passion for Discovery, The Journals of Jacques Vallée 1957-1969


Beginning after the launch of Sputnik and ending with the landing on the moon, the first volume of Jacques Vallée’s journals details how UFOs, in the midst of a proliferation of sightings in the 1960s, became a forbidden science. In this beautifully written journal, Vallée reveals just how the scientific community was misled by the government, how the best data on UFOs was kept hidden, and how the public record was shamelessly manipulated.

“This dazzling diary offers a glimpse into the mind of a scientist who seems to challenge every misconception and established piety. It is replete with profoundly insightful, often devastating observations.” — Publishers Weekly

“The qualities that come through most clearly are Vallée’s love of people, his intense curiosity, and his willingness to march to his own drum…Vallée’s book will be a valuable resource in providing first hand insight into the early development of the UFO controversy.” — Professor Peter Sturrock, Stanford University

Forbidden Science 2


California Hermetica, The Journals of Jacques Vallée 1970-1979


With the end game in Vietnam and the turpitudes of Watergate in the background, the major topic of this second volume in the journals of Jacques Vallée is paranormal research. Vallée relates his behind-the-scenes experiences in California during the 1970s as the Human Potential Movement emerged, the Internet developed, and parapsychology secretly entered the physics laboratory. And all the while, as Vallée continued his examination of UFO encounters, the links to older mysteries became increasingly clear.

Forbidden Science 3


On the Trail of Hidden Truths, The Journals of Jacques Vallée 1980-1989


The 1980s were a pivotal time in the development of venture capital that led to great innovations throughout the world. As recounted in this third volume of journals, Jacques Vallée found his passion in this world, while he witnessed with concern the increasing manipulation and disinformation that discouraged rational research into ufology. But he persisted in his first-hand UFO investigations in the US, Europe, and South America, and here strips from the historical record the secrecy behind which research into the paranormal was being conducted.

UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union


A Cosmic Samizdat

“It was on the heels of the notorious Voronezh sightings of 1989 and the first warm breezes
of glasnost that Vallee was invited by the Soviet press agency Novosti to visit the USSR to
meet with leading Soviet ufologists. Vallee found myriad scientists eager to exchange
notes–an ironic result, he realized, of “censorship itself,” which had forced Soviet ufology
into unofficial networks where it flourished. In sit-downs with Soviet researchers, he discussed
in detail the Tunguska explosion of 1908, the Voronezh incidents, and about 40 other close
encounters, and marveled at the widespread Soviet technique of “biolocation”–a kind of
dowsing of biological fields. He also visited the cosmonauts’ training center. Gratifyingly,
Vallee found considerable Soviet interest in his core theory that UFOs are extradimensional,
not extraterrestrial.
“An intriguing example of glasnost in action and an important ufological document opening
up rich new veins of exploration.” (Kirkus Review, 15 January 1992)



A Casebook of Alien Contact

In Dimensions, the first volume of his Alien Contact Trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallée reexamines the historical record that led to the modern UFO phenomenon and to the belief in alien contact. He then tackles the enigma of abduction reports, which come from various times and various countries, as well as the psychic and spiritual components of the contact experience. In the last portion of the book, he notes the factors that inhibit research into the phenomenon – the triple coverup and political motivations – and concludes that the extraterrestrial theory is simply not strange enough to explain the facts.



A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact

In Confrontations, the second volume of his Alien Contact Trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallée personally investigates forty astonishing UFO cases from around the world. He finds it shocking that professional scientists have never seriously examined this material. This book is about the hopes, experiences, and the frustrations of a scientist who has gone into the field to investigate a bizarre, seductive, and often terrifying phenomenon reported by many witnesses as a contact with an alien form of intelligence.



Alien Contact and Human Deception

In Revelations, the final volume of the Alien Contact Trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallée presents startling evidence that well-constructed hoaxes and media manipulations have misled UFO researchers, diverting them from the UFO phenomenon itself. Vallée takes readers step by step into the tangled web of UFOlogy’s dark side, in an effort to clear the ever-thickening underbrush that has obscured the real nature of the UFO phenomenon. 

Messengers of Deception


UFO Contacts and Cults

Too many cases of “accidental” alien contact…UFO cults praying to the skies…secret “psychotronic” weapons for bending the human mind. The evidence Jacques Vallée reveals, after many years of scientific investigation, adds up to something more menacing than monsters from outer space. Messengers of Deception documents the growing effect of UFO contact claims on our lives and of the belief systems prevalent in our society. It explores the hidden realities of the cults, the contactees, the murky political intrigues and the motivations of the investigators. “As suspenseful as a Hitchcock Thriller, brilliantly argued . . . a smashing achievement.” – Robert Anton Wilson

The Invisible College


What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered about UFO Influence on the Human Race

What is the nature of unidentified aerial phenomena? Forty years ago a small cadre of dedicated researchers began actively investigating cases, interviewing witnesses, and exchanging data through a small, informal network of international contacts. Today this low-profile network, or “invisible college,” has grown into a larger, multi-nation volunteer research effort joined by many individuals. But the questions first raised 40 years ago remain current-and unanswered.

“I believe that a powerful force has influenced the human race in the past and is again influencing it now. Does this force represent alien intervention, or does it originate entirely within human consciousness? This is the question that forms the basis of the work of the Invisible College of UFO researchers.” — Jacques Vallée

“THE INVISIBLE COLLEGE is unlike any other UFO book ever written. Dr. Vallée questions what everybody else takes for granted, doubts what everybody believes, drenches us with data that doesn’t ‘fit’ any of the theories of either the True Believers or the die-hard non-believers and then offers a hypothesis on his own.” — Robert Anton Wilson

“An important book-not only are UFOs and psychic events inextricably linked, as Dr. Vallée so nicely points out, but neither can be understood without an appreciation of the role of myth, tradition, and belief system. Must reading for the serious student of contemporary events.” — Edgar Mitchell

“Certainly one of the most interesting, thought-provoking books so far written on UFOs.” — Colin Wilson

The Edge of Reality


A progress Report on Unidentified Flying Objects

by J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée

Two of our country’s most eminent scientists, both of whom have studied the UFO phenomenon for decades, have collaborated on this report of what serious scientists now believe about it. And they show that an increasing number of scientists are taking the UFO subject seriously.

From the outset, Hynek and Vallée make their position clear: UFOs represent an unknown but real phenomenon. The far-reaching implications take us to the very edge of what we consider the known and real in our physical environment. Perhaps, say the authors, UFOs signal the existence of a domain of nature as yet totally unexplored.

In this mind-stretching book, the authors sample UFO reports—including those allegedly involving humanoids—and describe the patterns that have been perceived in the behavior of the phenomenon.

They also establish a framework for the further study of the UFO phenomenon. Where might such study lead? What can be studied, and how? What is the real nature of the UFO phenomenon? Does it originate with the actions of other intelligences in the universe? Does the UFO phenomenon have a purely physical explanation, or is there a vaster, hidden realm that holds the solution?

Passport to Magonia


From Folklore to Flying Saucers

It is readily acknowledged that our time has surpassed all epochs in history for the accumulation of technical knowledge, physical power over our environment, and economic might. It is less often pointed out, however, that our age has generated, and continues to generate, mythical material almost unparalleled in quantity and quality in the rich records of human imagination. More precisely, people have very frequently reported the observation of wonderful aerial objects, variously designated as flying saucers, unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and so on; among these narratives descriptions of landings made by these craft are commonplace; and that quite a few accounts purport to inform us of the physical characteristics, the psychological behaviour, and the motivation of their occupants. But investigators have neglected to recognize one important perspective of the phenomenon: the fact that beliefs identical to those held today have recurred throughout recorded history and under forms best adapted to the believer’s country, race, and social regime. If we take a wide sample of this historical material, we find that it is organized around one central theme: visitation by an aerial people from one or more remote, legendary countries. The names and attributes vary, but the main idea clearly does not. Magonia, heaven, hell, Elfland – all such places have in common one characteristic: we are unable to reach them alive, except on very special occasions. Emissaries from these supernatural abodes come to earth, sometimes under human form and sometimes as monsters. They perform wonders. They serve man or fight him. They influence civilizations through mystical revelation. They seduce earth women, and the few heroes who dare seek their friendship find the girls from Elfland endowed with desires that betray a carnal, rather than purely aerial, nature. These matters are the subject of Passport to Magonia, Jacques Vallée’s seminal master-work that changed our understanding of the UFO phenomenon. An instant classic when first published in 1969, the book remains a must-have resource for anybody interested in the topics of UFOs and alien contact, as well as those fascinated by fairy folklore and other paranormal encounters.

Anatomy of a Phenomenon


Unidentified Objects in Space – A Scientific Appraisal

Does intelligence exist elsewhere in the universe? Here is the up-to-the-minute book detailing hundreds of the latest reports on U.F.O.s

“I found ANATOMY OF A PHENOMENON extremely interesting and well written. I believe it is the most scientific…discussion of the problem that I have yet encountered.”

Professor Frank Salisbury
Colorado State University



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Articles explaining the so-called “Crop Circles”: Meme Wars and Web-based Flypaper!

About “Crop Circles” and Alien Glyphs (or are they microwave blasters?)
BoingBoing (online magazine) 21 June 2010 at 8:17am

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