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Wonders in the Sky

Unexplained Aerial Objects From Antiquity to Modern Times


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Reviews of Wonders in the Sky:

There have been several books written about UFO accounts in history, but none are as fascinating as this one by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck. In chronological order, the authors present excerpts from historical texts, journals, diaries and newspaper reports from Bible-era antiquity up to 1879, which was around the time that human flight became possible. This is great fun to read and is the kind of book that you can pick and read in bite-size chunks, and many of the accounts will have you setting the book in your lap as you shake your head and wonder What the -- !?

(Stephen Wagner, About.com)

Their rigorously scientific insistence allows Vallee and Aubeck to retain the most challenging and interesting aspects of these events without the distraction of premature commitment to any particular interpretation. That, I believe, is true science: to follow the data wherever they lead, and to move away from established theory when it fails to deal adequately with the data.

(Professor David Hufford, Penn State College of Medicine, Author, The Terror that Comes in the Night)