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Le Satellite Sombre

Paris: Denoël, - "Présence du Futur" 1962, 1971
Trade paperback, 221 pages

Published under the pen name - Jérôme Sériel


From the back cover:

Bob Allinquay has never done anything right. At this very moment, at the wheel of his big crinonx, a Mercedes 800SL, he must be rushing on the Pekin-Paris geostrade, and I wonder in what kind of disaster he is about to drag me. On Christmas Eve, too!

A very tricky game. If only I knew what's happened to the electronic computer. Will I even have time to act? What if that so-called mission to Venus was only designed to take me away from the laboratory? And who the hell is Xarius?

As reviewed by Gérard Klein:

Dark Satellite is one of the most interesting anticipation novels we have had the opportunity to read recently. (It) is noticeably better than Le Sub-Espace, because Sériel's prose has gained in density, in efficacy and also in clarity. The portrait he draws of the future of Paris is a small chef-d'oeuvre, as well as the precise, but too-quick images of foreign worlds and alien machines. There is inspiration in Dark Satellite.

Fiction Magazine, no.110, p.156, January 1963