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La Mémoire de Markov

Paris: Mercure de France, 1986
Trade paperback, 217 pages
Cover art by Pierre-Marie Valat


Reviewers' comments:

In the unforgiving universe of Silicon Valley, amidst unbridled liberalism and savage competition, computer networks are compromised by 20-something hackers who stay for weeks in front of their screens, while artificial intelligence systems interfere maliciously with ongoing investigations…

Livres de France, November 1986

Jacques Vallee has found a way to exploit his knowledge of the high technology universe to create unexpected twists that preserve the story's suspense.

01 Hebdo, 8 December 1986

Why are the holographic memories in the car's trunk labeled X rather than Y? The reader gets caught up quickly in the enigma posed by Jacques Vallee in this well-structured science-fiction novel. Action is fast-paced, characters are well-developed, and the style is quick and refined.

Le Monde Informatique, 15 December 1986