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Le Sub Espace

Le Sub-Espace (Jules Verne Prize, 1961)

Paris : Librairie des Champs-Elysées - Le Masque 1975

Mass market reprint, 252 pages - under the pen name "Jérôme Sériel"


Reviewers' Comments:

The goal of the Jules Verne Prize (whose jury includes Messrs. André Maurois and Jean Rostand, members of the French Académie) is to distinguish, every year, among all would-be followers of the author of "20,000 leagues under the sea," a novel that deserves the following definition: "a scientific novel where imagination goes beyond current knowledge, but where inspiration is guided by serious documentation and an enlightened mind." This year it is Jérôme Sériel, 22, astrophysicist, who has received the prize for his novel Le Sub-Espace.

La Voix du Nord

Every year in June, the Eiffel tower serves as a launching pad for a young author of " science fiction, " naturally. On the first floor, in the salons of the restaurant, the Jules Verne prize is given to an anticipation novelist. This year, the laureate is M. Jérôme Sériel, author of Le Sub-Espace. (…) He explained that sub-space is a universe that serves as a twin to our everyday space, and is only reached accidentally by non-human beings. As a result of a series of mistakes, naturally ascribable to earthlings, an astounding war is triggered in this extraordinary region.