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Le Sub Espace

Le Sub-Espace (Jules Verne Prize)

Paris : Hachette - " Le Rayon Fantastique " 1961
Trade paperback, 253 pages

Published under the pen name "Jérôme Sériel" From the back cover:

The complex technology of the XXI st century has scattered colorful forms of life throughout the planets of the solar system. But when unexplained events suddenly take place, what will be the reactions of the scientists at the center of the drama? Will they be able to transcend all limits? Will they detect the fantastic dangers that await them?

Is "Sub-space" only a universe of insanity? Or can we discover new horizons beyond space and time, at the end of the unforgettable journey of the "Drakkar"?

Cover art by Jean-Claude Forest, Barbarella's « father »

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