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Heart of the Internet


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The Heart of the Internet
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The Heart of the Internet

An Insider's View of the Origin and Promise of the On-line Revolution

Hampton Roads hardcover, 2003
Illustrated - Bibliography - Index

Now available (at no charge) on Google Books. Click on the image below to get the full text.

Reader Comments:

Based on a deep understanding of the Internet and its origins, this book presents a compelling warning. It is a welcome antidote to both the naïve utopianism of the Internet bubble, and to oppressive liberty-quenching actions by global corporations and governments alike. Read this and take nothing for granted - the Internet will remain a force for freedom only if you help protect it.

Paul Saffo
Director, the Institute for the Future

Among the many books written about the Internet, this one has unusual merit because Jacques Vallee was there during the infancy of the network. It is fun to read his recollections as a key hands-on pioneer. His aspirations and visions, and those of his colleagues at SRI and the Institute for the Future, led to the first Network Information Center and to revolutionary ways of conducting group communications. This work made possible the large simultaneous interactions of today.

Paul Baran Inventor of packet switching

Obligatory reading for anybody interested in the history, evolution and future of this epoch-shaping technology, whose full promise has yet to be realized. Dr. Jacques Vallee, an eminent computer scientist who was present at the creation of the Internet, brings both knowledge and understanding to this important debate.

Stephens F. Millard
Co-founder of five Nasdaq companies,
Advisory Board member, the Wharton School and the
Kellogg School Member of the Board of Visitors,
National Defence University