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The Four Elements of Financial Alchemy
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The Four Elements of Financial Alchemy

A New Formula for Personal Prosperity

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Published by TenSpeed Press, Berkeley California, Feb 2001
195 pages, illustrated, indexed.


From the editor:

In the ancient tradition of alchemy, practitioners of the secret arts spent years searching for the philosopher's stone - that elusive substance reputed to turn base metals into gold. In today's booming economy, inexperienced investors are wagering their IRAs on IPOs, hoping a magical blend of stock options and Internet day trading will transform their modest savings into golden portfolios.

Without a clear understanding of investing basics or a practical plan for the future, many starry-eyed investors end up sacrificing their nest eggs to failed ventures, complicated tax penalties, and hidden service charges (...) Jacques Vallee uses the elements of ancient alchemy - Earth, Water, Air and Fire - as a framework for creation a prosperous financial strategy that integrates age-old principles with modern technology, financial wisdom and personal values.

Reader Comments:

The Four Elements of Financial Alchemy is a unique and comprehensive introduction to the field of personal financial planning. Lucid and insightful - it should be required reading for all first-time investors.

Stephens F. Millard
co-founder of five NASDAQ-traded companies
Advisory board member at:
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
The Kellogg School, Northwestern University