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Au Coeur d'Internet
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Computer Message Systems
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Computer Message Systems

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, New York 1984
Data Communications Book Series
Hardcover, 163 pages, illustrated, indexed


Part One: The Need for Message Systems

1: A Technology for Effective Communications
- A technological and social leap
- Communications patterns -The technology and its cost
- Case Study 1: Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

2: The Message environment. The Organization, its management, its culture.
- Characteristics of organizations
- Group interaction and participation patterns
- The Culture of the organization - A simple test
- Case Study 2: NASA

3. The Assessment of Communications Needs
- The internal communications audit
- Communications costs and time productivity - Hidden benefits
- Case Study 3: Petroleum applications

Part Two: The Tools of Message Systems

4. Tools of electronic mail: The example of Arpanet and Plato
- Electronic mail in business systems: Comeet and On-Tyme
- User roles in an advanced system: Jenny
- Case study 4: Electronic mail in an R&D llaboratory

5. Tools of Conferencing
- What conferencing does
- User-level functions in two business systems: Participate and Notepad
- Specialized roles in conferencing
- Case study 5: Engineering construction

6. Analysis of Group Communication
- Capturing group usage and cost data
- User-level statistics: message distribution and participation rates
- Case study 6: The U.S. Geological Survey

Part Three: Management of Message Systems

7. Introducing and Facilitating new Applications
- Learning - Organizational Patterns
- Long-term issues and opportunities
- Case Study 7: The 1982 Office Automation conference

8. The Special Case of Synchronous Communications
- Applications of live conferences
- Behavior of Synchronous groups
- Computer conferencing and decision support
- Case Study 8: From Three-mile Island to Diablo Canyon

9. Tomorrow: Message Systems on Public Networks
- Bulletin Boards and electronic newspapers
- The dream of videotex
- Public networks: The issues
- Case study 9: An electronic journal sponsored by the British Library