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Audio book version of Fastwalker

Narrated by George DelHoyo

San Bruno, California: Alternative Audio, 1997
Also available on the worldwide web through Audible.com

Houston Sky, May 1996


Reviewers' comments:

FastWalker introduces a technology that is utilized by the intelligence community to duplicate the effects of real UFOs to assist in their ongoing program of deception and manipulation of society. There are many, many other surprises in FastWalker. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants a change of pace …

Michael Corbin
Continuum Vol.V no.2 - Winter 1995-96

Wonderfully amazing … "FastWalker" is the term the defense people use to classify those odd craft that occasionally are picked up by spy satellites. It's used in this book to describe a very strange object brought down by the government. Or did the aliens let the thing be captured? And are they really aliens from another planet?

Chuck Shramek
Houston Sky, May 1996