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Paris: Mercure de France, 1986
Trade paperback, 244 pages
Cover art by Pierre-Marie Valat


Reviewers' comments:

Simple action, amplified to the point of terror, within an apparently normal environment… An excellent story where the detective suspense mixes with science-fiction. That's remarkably efficient !

VSD, 27 February 1986

The politicians' attitude is one of Jacques Vallee's strong ideas in ALINTEL. And here is another: The visitors do not come from space…

Actuel no.77, March 1986

In this novel that comes at the right time, Jacques Vallee answers the call of the future. The fiction of the nineties has just been born.

Ouest France, 28 February 1986

An astonishing book, at the crossroads of detective stories and science-fiction.

L'Autre Journal, 19 March 1986